I grew up in Calgary and enjoyed all the lovely things that come along with growing up in a, then small city in the foothills. Yearning for the mountains I moved west to BC in my early 20's where I fell in love. I dedicated most of my 20's and 30's to snowboarding, biking,  wake boarding and surfing.

To facilitate "my love", I worked numerous jobs which expanded my experience but also showed me how hard most small business owners work to make their dreams come true.

I found that in most cases small business owners need help because they are already working so hard run their business that websites, business cards, social media fall to the wayside and a lot of times end up in the shadow of larger businesses because they cannot afford or do not know how to promote themselves.

With this I started playing around with design and lesser expensive ways of marketing and quickly found that I was not only good what I was doing but I was also creating value to the business owners that I worked for.  Enter the 2000's when I started to play around with web design.  Creating functional websites, with harmonious logo design work and print fell easily together and I realized that small businesses need to know that there are more options than paying top dollar in hiring large marketing and print firms. 

I can help you can look great, so you can work on running your dream!

Lola inc. 
Coldstream BC